In today’s competitive business environment, any small advantage can make a big difference. Management Due Diligence is an important and effective way of mitigating risks while making hiring and promotion decisions. The right executive can be a valuable asset, while a bad hiring decision can prove to be costly.

For large organisations with international offices, such checks become increasingly essential, yet also more difficult. Be it foreign managers brought in for their specialist skills, or in-country experts utilised for their local knowledge, the candidates’ qualifications, history, and reputation should be thoroughly checked and confirmed.

Verified, reliable information collated through expert Management Due Diligence will support your hiring decision-making process and offer you a clearer understanding of a person’s background and capabilities. It helps you make the right decision and avoid taking unknown risks.

Berlin Risk offers on-boarding, re-screening and promotional due diligence solutions that are fully compliant with data protection legislation (GDPR), as well as consulting services for refining a company’s screening and HR processes.