Reputational Risk Assessment is a best practice approach for companies that apply the principles of responsible business conduct. We have developed a dedicated Reputational Risk Assessment Methodology (RRAM) that goes beyond the legal approach to compliance, addressing issues of concern that might negatively impact your organization, including through stakeholder action.

Our RRAM and tool follow a holistic approach in supporting the risk management of the company, fostering synergies with the compliance and communications function.

RRAM covers the interconnected risk areas of:

The purpose of Reputational Risk Assessment lies in improving resilience against known and unknown risks that might jeopardise the company’s continuity and control of its business.

The RRAM was built on our experience in Governance Risk Compliance Advisory, Integrity Due Diligence Investigations and the earlier design of related Risk Assessment Tools, such as the Reputational Risk Meter and the Political Risk Analysis System.