We support businesses in executing their compliance strategies. We develop risk-based procedures and best practice tools to meet regulatory requirements. With respect to “Know Your Counterparty” (KYC) we advise clients on building tiered due diligence programmes that fit their unique circumstances.

Our compliance solutions range from comprehensive remediation of existing customers and counterparties to advising on implementing, fine tuning and improving compliance processes. We are flexible in our approach as we know, one size doesn’t fit all.

We provide the following advisory services:

  • AML and counter terrorist financing
  • Anti-financial crime
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Due Diligence Procedures
  • Tax integrity
  • Sanctions compliance
  • ESG standards
  • Political risk and country risk
  • RegTech and KYC automation
  • Training

We also undertake audits in support of evaluating the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures, and advise on measures to strengthen internal controls.