Berlin Risk offers a portfolio of corporate intelligence solutions, which can be tailored precisely to meet the challenges of your project. Our solutions draw on a wealth of experience working with leading private and public sector actors, as well as on the cutting-edge tools and methods developed in-house by our research arm, the Berlin Risk institute.

Decision-makers need to know as much as possible about the integrity of their partners, prospects and projects in order to navigate risks and achieve the best results. Our corporate investigations gather, scrutinise, decipher and analyse information from all available public materials, but also from our discreet network of sources. In the case of fraud, misconduct or misappropriation of funds, Berlin Risk offers investigative support.

Businesses operating internationally must be in the position to understand and assess political and regulatory risks at the national and sector level. We offer comprehensive risk analysis, including political corruption and all the factors leading to regime change, to help you in making key decisions vital to the outcome of your specific project. In order to reduce a client’s exposure to political risk, we also advise on dispute prevention and negotiation settlement.

Strategic risk assessment integrates Due Diligence investigations and Political Risk analysis. For any defined strategic project, we provide a detailed picture of the potential risk factors. We use sophisticated tools and methods to rate the relevance of selected risk criteria. The intelligence gained from the risk assessment opens the way to risk mitigation and continuous monitoring.

IT security is the backbone of any successful commercial operation in today’s high-tech and global business environment. It is also a prerequisite for the discreet and timely delivery of sensitive information. Berlin Risk provides clients with tap-proof e-mail communication and encrypted virtual data rooms as well as software-based analysis tools, which can be tailored to clients’ needs and specific IT-system requirements.