Berlin Risk has developed a dedicated risk assessment tool, the Reputational Risk Meter, which is integrated into all integrity due diligence reports. Berlin Risk’s risk-scoring model, which summarises and visualises the results of the due diligence process, is based on a series of pre-defined questions and assessment criteria in line with compliance requirements. The actual risk scoring forms the final step of the research solution and follows on from the research process.

The risk-scoring model facilitates the objective and accurate filtering and analysis of the facts and relevant events in order to define issues of concern in terms of their priority. Through the additional level of analysis undertaken with the Reputational Risk Meter, the subjective bias is reduced and the client receives solid objective insights into the integrity risk issues. Berlin Risk’s Reputational Risk Meter enables clients to prioritise risk areas and develop risk mitigation strategies in their investment decision and investment management process. The tool can be tailored to specific requirements if necessary and can be adapted to include any relevant regulatory amendments, and can be used as a monitoring tool to reassess the risk shift over time.

Reputational Risk Meter