Berlin Risk operates globally with a team that includes regional experts for Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, MENA and South America. In addition to this, we are supported by a network of local partners all over the globe.

Our team members are part of global associations and organisations that define professional standards and conduct. We are members of ACFE and ACAMS, with team members certified specialists in these associations. The Berlin Risk Institute as our research partner, provides thought leadership in the areas of political risk analysis, regulatory compliance and risk management based on applied methodology.

Our cases and projects are conducted according to locally applicable laws and regulations, in line with our clients’ code of conduct. We maintain a code of ethics, and all projects are executed under strict confidentiality and with attorney-client privilege.

“Berlin Risk analyses the results of our investigations in the context of a project. This capability requires deep knowledge of particular environments and situational patterns that are informed by a wealth of experience and broad expertise.”

Dr. Daniel Eisermann, Senior Partner