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Integrity Insights – the Berlin Risk Podcast – Episode 4

In this episode, Filip Brokes spoke to Henrik Vold, a Norwegian journalist, instructor and a tech enthusiast. Henrik has had a long career in journalism during which he’s simultaneously honed his technical skills. His current passion is helping journalists explore the world of artificial intelligence and incorporate it into their work. 

He discusses the importance of journalists branching out into technical roles and learning data analysis skills. Henrik also talks about his involvement in creating tailor-made courses for organizations and his efforts to convey AI knowledge to a broader audience. Throughout the interview, Henrik emphasizes the need for caution when using AI, especially with sensitive data, and stresses the importance of keeping information secure and maintaining a computer security mindset. He discusses the potential applications of AI, its limitations, and how it can serve as a support tool rather than a replacement for human creativity and artistry.

Henrik also shares insights into using AI for various purposes, such as transcribing interviews and generating meeting notes. He talks about iterative prompts to improve the AI’s responses and mentions potential concerns about AI-generated content and copyright issues. Lastly, he discusses the evolving role of AI, the importance of news organizations in interpreting information, and how AI may influence the way people consume information in the future.

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