Berlin Risk supports clients in managing reputational risks attached to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. 

It is becoming widely accepted today that a company or financial institution needs to be compliant in all three ESG subjects in order to ensure that they run a responsible and sustainable business.

Our issues-based approach identifies and reports on environmental pollution, loss of biodiversity and human rights violations or labour discrimination in the same way as we report on indications of corruption and financial crime. We often found that issues in one ESG area are indicative of issues in other ESG-related areas. 

Clients that have used our services well before the terms ‘responsible business conduct’ and ‘ESG’ were coined, have distinguished themselves by acting responsibly in these areas. Long-term success of a business requires sustainable strategy, taking the role and involvement of multiple stakeholders into consideration. 

What may have been a pioneer approach in the past has become best practice today and will turn into a mandatory requirement in the near future. Berlin Risk set high quality standards in conducting comprehensive Integrity Due Diligence investigations, and has assembled vast amounts of experience in researching and assessing ESG risks. We already  know what to look for, we always go the extra mile and we specialise in connecting the dots. The graph below shows ESG as a holistic concept of integrity. We believe that ESG Due Diligence and ESG Risk Assessment also require a holistic approach.

“ESG compliance is an integral part of responsible business. It plays an important role in securing sustainability, strengthening reputation amongst all stakeholders, as well as in gaining a competitive advantage” 

Dr. Carsten Giersch, Senior Partner