Companies committed to the principles of responsible business conduct want to know at the earliest possible stage about any improper business behaviour by their partners or contractors.

Berlin Risk conducts incident-based intelligence in order to identify issues that a client would experience as an issue of concern. Relevant incidents relate to the risk of association with human and labours rights violations, illegal environmental destruction, corruption and financial crime, conflict and security threats and adverse political intervention.Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 16.13.38

Incident-based intelligence is key to informing the integrity risk assessment of a company’s business activities. It is particularly suited to screen the supply chain for integrity risks. Notably, incidents are often linked to each other, as human rights violations are more likely to occur in a politically unsecure environment, or neglect of environmental standards is often linked to corruption.

Using Berlin Risk’s incident-based intelligence approach helps a company to prioritise identified risks of implication in unethical business practices. The most significant risks can then be verified in integrity due diligence investigations in collaboration with knowledgeable local sources.